Insurance Telematics & UBI Report Increasing the adoption rates of telematics and UBI products is the biggest challenge the industry faces. This in-depth report will analyse the most successful models and value propositions in the industry and show you how to refine your marketing to increase the adoption of your product. With a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, this research report will provide unique analysis on how to build successful insurance products to increase adoption rates. View Report
Cyber Security in the Connected Vehicle Report 2016 The report looks into the vital role of effective and robust cyber security practices and systems in connected vehicles and the future of the automotive industry. View Report
The Connected Fleet & Data Services Report 2015-16 This report looks at the fleet landscape and the current trends and future opportunities being presented. It also highlights what lessons the fleet industry can learn from other industries, such as retail, e-commerce, mobile and travel. View Report
The Automotive Data Monetization Report 2015-16 The volume of data being generated and collected from cars is growing exponentially. How to capitalize on this data is the next challenge the automotive industry has to face. This report looks into the opportunities to monetize data through an overview of use-cases and case studies. View Report